Yash Ornaments Pvt Ltd.

Yash Ornaments Pvt Ltd.

The Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India has formed the National e-Governance Division (NeGD) as an autonomous business division within Media Lab Asia, under the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Government of India, for supporting and assisting Department of Electronics and Information Technology in the Programme Management of NeGP.

A unique diversity of experience and perspective allows us to be deeply empathetic with our clients. We 'get' their ambitions, challenges, and business realities, because we've walked in their shoes – running businesses, navigating the C-suite, and sweating the daily pressures of getting it done

We are an integrated creative agency, dedicated exclusively to working with clients who are committed to improving the lives and wellbeing of those who depend on them and everyone they impact. We are creative catalysts, change agents, and strategic storytellers who challenge our clients to reorient their business, brand, and product positions, inextricably linking social responsibility with long-term competitive advantage. We are a seasoned team of business builders, thought leaders, and operators whose collective experience allows us to connect the contextual dots between strategic aspiration, creative ambition, and business reality .

Matter is proud to be a certified YOPL. By structuring ourselves as a YOPL, we commit to meeting comprehensive and transparent performance standards, using the power of business to address social and environmental challenges. We stand at an inflection point between economic eras. Behind us lies a century of taking – a myopic time of relentless growth and profit-seeking, regardless of social, environmental, and moral cost. Ahead of us lies the prospect of a more mindful time – a future of giving back as much as we take, with growth and profitability deeply grounded in the context of improving the lives of all we touch. We believe that this reimagined and reinvigorated form of capitalism will guide us forward in the most profitable, responsible and morally grounded way possible – all the while bringing us closer to that most basic of human aspirations, happiness. We plan, develop and execute integrated creative strategies across all media. Optimizes the balance between economic performance and social value, while demonstrating that it's not a zero-sum game .

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